Jal Bujh is our first product aimed at making a 60 year old technology iOT enabled. An environment polluting, natural gas (Sui gas) wasting water heater can be made into a intelligent consumer appliance with by coupling Jal Bujh to it saving households upto 50% on their water heating bill while savings tens of millions of dollars a month if Jal Bujh is installed on every single water heater in our first target market. For individuals, the devices pays back its price in less than one winter season and while continued savings for many years.

Jal Bujh our first product is compatible with the thermostat shown in the picture.

It offers the following benefits.
• It saves 30% to 50% gas consumed by your traditional style water geyser (heater).
• It saves you from making repeated trips to the geyser to turn it to low and high settings to save gas.
• It frees up natural gas so gas load shedding for your neighbors and industry is reduced — making more gas available for everyone and making Pakistan more prosperous.
• Makes your city healthy by reducing carbon dioxide and pollution.

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