Our Products


Jal Bujh is our first product aimed at making a 60 year old technology iOT enabled. An environment polluting, natural gas (Sui gas) wasting water heater can be made into a intelligent consumer appliance with by coupling Jal Bujh to it saving households upto 50% on their water heating bill while savings tens of millions of dollars a month if Jal Bujh is installed on every single water heater in our first target market. For individuals, the devices pays back its price in less than one winter season and while continued savings for many years.

Inverter Geyser

Gas Inverter Geyser with a timer device is now here to solve the problem of high gas bills. It saves upto 80% of your gas bill (conditions apply) and heats the water in just 15 minutes. On demand, the Geyser can also run on LPG as well as Electricity facilitated by an electric timer device. 

The geyser warms up the 150 liters of water in 15 minutes.

Heat Diverter

Our product heat diverter is a brand new product tested and verified by experienced technical staff of Time Trim. Generally it’s hard to keep your hand palm over the geyser top due to excessive heat release. Once our heat diverter is installed inside the geyser gas wastage is controlled automatically.
Moreover we have technically tested it while installing it at our client’s premises for demo presentations. The spiral design of diverter controlled heating up of geyser and warms the water in minimum time just on its pilot.


Another Innovation of Time Trim is its newly designed Burner for geysers. Our Burner is activated by an electronic ignition system. It saves the hassle of lighting up the pilot with a match stick which could result in unforeseen damages. The geyser burner instantly warms up the cold water and saves the daily gas usage. The water gets warmed up with in thirty minutes and then it could be set onto pilot the whole day.

In case of heat diverter installed the geyser water can warm the on pilot over night for usage in the morning. If you wish to convert old geyser into an inverter geyser you can take a demo test of our Heat Diverter along with our Burner. You would attain amazing results by saving up to 60%of your daily gas saving.